We like to talk, because good design comes from understanding what you’re about. Knowing who you are, and where you’d like to be allows us to create solutions that meet your goals, and satisfy your customers’ needs equally.

We do it because we enjoy solving challenging problems for smart clients, but why should you do it? Because…

Your design and branding is your business. Customers’ perception of what you are and what you do rests largely on the quality of your branded communications.

We’ll do more than make things look nice. No amount of making things pretty to look at can disguise poor content. Our workflow is built on quality at every stage.

You’ll enjoy it. Good client experience is vital to us, we know the best work comes from forming good relationships. Biscuits are also hugely important to the process.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you.


Before there was a Supermonkey Creative Allie had done loads and loads of great design work for companies all over the place. A refugee from the rain-sodden North-West, she eventually arrived in Dorset and met Chris while they were both working for the same company.

A few years later, Supermonkey came about after many lunchtimes scribbling on napkins in a Dorchester coffee shop, and since then she’s spent her time doing even more great work for our clients.


Like Allie, Chris also made the perilous journey from North to South, via the University of Reading’s Department of Typography & Graphic Communication.

Various design jobs followed until he ended up working with Allie in 2007.

Feeling a natural kinship with someone who also called lunch dinner, and dinner tea, he threw in his lot with Allie in 2009 and has been very lucky to spend his time designing lovely things for lovely people ever since.